Unique Flavors Make Unusual Business Ideas

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Sometimes unusual business ideas can be profitable ones. I’d be hard pressed to find a better example in terms of flavor than the two listed and discussed in this article.

Unusual Business Idea #27 – Beery Nice Ice-cream

Ice-cream flavored with a famous beer has been launched with a fanfare. The Newcastle Brown Ale ice cream is a product dreamed up by Neill and Jackie Maxwell and made at their family-run Doddington Dairy.

Although the ice cream is made using the ale, under license from brewers Scottish and Newcastle, the cooking process means it contains less than 1% alcohol.

Manufactured in a small farm-based dairy in the village of Doddington near Wooler in Northumberland, the ice-cream recipe calls for fresh cream and milk as well as the ale and fudge.

Mrs Maxwell said the icy product, which is being sold for a limited six-month period, had a caramel flavor with a “subtle” taste of Newcastle Brown. What other products can you think of that could feature a taste of your favorite tipple?

Unusual Business Idea #28 – Pork Fat Treats

We’re amazed anyone would want to try this, but a Ukrainian candy company markets what may be the stickiest, richest and most fattening treat on the market – pure pork fat covered in chocolate.

Rip open a finger-sized stick of “Fat in Chocolate” and you’ll find a vein of white fat. The dark chocolate product pokes fun at the traditional Ukrainian snack of salo, or salted pork fat, usually consumed with vodka and pickles.

Salo is a national symbol of Ukraine and is recognized throughout the former Soviet Union though young people these days often turn up their noses at the dish. Candy company AO Odessa manufactures Fat in Chocolate bars as a lighthearted and self-deprecating joke for Ukrainians.

While edible, they are not really meant to be eaten. Wrapped in red holiday foil, the bars show a mustached Ukrainian Cossack munching a piece of fat.

These are just two of hundreds of unusual business ideas that are now making their owners thousands of dollars. So the next time you think that your crazy idea won’t work – remember many people have succeeded with stranger ideas!

Source by Stu A McLaren

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