The characteristic features of the latest Apple iPhone

The device that comes out in recent times has much less certainty than the Apple iPhone4. In the previous year, one of the Apple engineers managed to forget in a bar a prototype device. Some of the samples lay in the hands of journalists from the blog Gizmodo who photographed them in all possible angles and posted on the internet. But consequently, the Apple smartphone is selected “gizmodovtsev” and made a publication in its blacklist, prohibiting its representatives to attend the presentation of new products. However, later on, when the site started getting clear by June, it attracted a lot of traffic and earned a general uvazhuha guys. This year, one of the prominent figures in Apple repeated the feat Gray Powell with conscientious accuracy.

However, analyzing all the rumors about the Apple iPhone, published in the summer of 2010 is little impossible as there are too may controversies and contradictions on the market. But outlining the current trends is possible. So, keep an eye on the Apple that is going to launch new iPhone or iPhone5 or an updated version of iPhone4. In the latter case, there are two possibilities – company will upgrade an existing machine and release it under the name of Apple iPhone4s or it will cut down the functionality to make a budget model.

Most believers of the Apple smartphone believe that the Apple iPhone5 will be different from the Apple iPhone4. In this context, technoblog Engadget says that the device would be a complete rethinking of previous iPhones. The Wall Street Journal assumes in its reports that the device will be made in a different form factor than the iPhone4. Some people also believe that the smartphone will be little thinner, like for example it is believed to be look like MacBookAir due to the characteristic thickening of the upper part of the body. However, the fact is the smartphone will be available in two colors – white and black, with no other options.

The screen of the iPhone5 will be bigger than the iPhone 4. 3.5 inches might increase to 3.7 or even 4. Another characteristic feature of the iPhone5 is dual-core chip with frequency of about 1.2 gigahertz. Currently, these chips are primarily used in the second generation iPad tablet. The iPhone5 are supposed to be available in three versions, 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes of internal memory. It is also to be noted that the version of the iPhone5 will be available to work in networks of two standards, such as CDMA and GSM.

Asphalt 7 Heat launched for iOS and soon will be released for Android & BlackBerry PlayBook

Asphalt 7 Heat is one of the most popular racing game and its finally released for iOS based devices (iPhone & iPad). Gameloft will release the game for Android based devices by 25th June 2012. Gameloft might make this game available for devices such as BlackBerry PlayBook and other devices.

The game brings much better graphics and has 60 different cars with 15 different tracks around the real cities of the world. The cars made from manufacturer like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, & DeLorean and tracks such as Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio are included.


And the special part is about the price of the game i.e Gameloft has priced it only 0.99$ (50 INR approx.).


You got both single player and multi-player modes with an option to play on large screen TV via Applet TV and AirPlay.


The game has new Asphalt Tracker that allows player to compare their stats and show your in-game achievements.

Watch the trailer: