Asphalt 7 Heat launched for iOS and soon will be released for Android & BlackBerry PlayBook

Asphalt 7 Heat is one of the most popular racing game and its finally released for iOS based devices (iPhone & iPad). Gameloft will release the game for Android based devices by 25th June 2012. Gameloft might make this game available for devices such as BlackBerry PlayBook and other devices.

The game brings much better graphics and has 60 different cars with 15 different tracks around the real cities of the world. The cars made from manufacturer like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, & DeLorean and tracks such as Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio are included.


And the special part is about the price of the game i.e Gameloft has priced it only 0.99$ (50 INR approx.).


You got both single player and multi-player modes with an option to play on large screen TV via Applet TV and AirPlay.


The game has new Asphalt Tracker that allows player to compare their stats and show your in-game achievements.

Watch the trailer:

The Dark Knight Rises for iOS and Android devices

Gameloft has released a new trailer for its upcoming game “The Dark Knight Rises” for iOS and Android devices for mobile gaming lovers.


The game is been expected to be released in this summer. We don’t have much detail about this game but it might be similar to “Batman Arkham City” on the consoles. They have not specified the released date yet.

There is not much of gameplay shown in the trailer but you can see what Batman can do the best i.e. taking down the thugs.

It will be an open-world game according to IGN. No detail about the pricing is given out but it may not be a free download. The game may have the storyline based on the movie.

Watch the the trailer: