How to add a signature in your Gmail account

Many times it is time consuming to type thank you and other messages at the end of an email. If you are regularly writing similar messages at the end of your email then the best way is to add an email signature at the end of your composed email. Not only just text but also you can add your website links or company logo etc. Continue reading “How to add a signature in your Gmail account”

Few things that you should keep in mind while using Google Adsense

Always avoid the following things or else your AdSense account will get banned :-

  • Do not click your own ads i.e ads placed by using your Adsense account on your Website, Blog or anywhere.
  • Never show Adsense ads on Registration or Thank you pages.
  • Do not put Adsense ads on those sites which generates pop-ups.
  • Never ask your visitors to click on your ads or write anything such as “Click here to win or earn $” above the ads.
  • Keep your click through rates, earnings per click and impressions secret, never disclose them.
  • Do not use any malicious software such as ‘bots’ to click on your ads.
  • Never add adsense on pages with no content.
  • Do not hire workers around the globe to click ads for you.
  • Using black hat SEO techniques is a myth so don’t try to use it.
  • Do not put Adsense code on websites that promote guns & ammo, beer or hard alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, copyrighted infringement content, knockoff clothing or goods and sites that distribute term papers or essays,Hackers,Warez,Porn,Drug,and gambling sites or which are Hated.

Google going to launch third-party commenting platform


According to an article published on The Next Web, Google might launch its own commenting platform like disqus, lifefyre & facebook third-party commenting system.

What The Next Web says:

Google is about to launch a new commenting system that will tie into the search giant’s Google+ platform, web services and web search, a source close to the product’s development confirmed with The Next Web

Tech-WD blogger Saud Al-Hawawi also reported yesterday that several new Google features that have yet to be announced were discussed at the Google event G-Saudi Arabia, including the new commenting platform.


I just hope Google third-party commenting system will have lot of new features. And of course there will be a great competition with other commenting platforms.

Login with different Gmail accounts (Id) in a single Browser

Step 1:  Login to with your Gmail id.

Step 2:  In the security section there is multiple sign-in option,click on edit in that option.


Step 3:  Select the “On” Radio button and tick all the check boxes and save it.



Step 4: Go to your gmail account and now you can login with different ids by selecting “Switch Account” option as shown in the below image.


Step 5:  Select Sign in to another account option to login with different Id.




User Agent Switch in Google Chrome

To change User Agent on Chrome do the following steps:

  • Open Developer Tools by using Ctrl+Shift+i ( On Linux And Windows) and Command + Option + I (On Mac Os)
  • Open  “Settings” by clicking the setting icon located at the bottom of the window.
  • Select the Check Box “Override User Agent” and select one of the option.