Default Facebook Emotion/Smiley List For Chat

Following are the default facebook emotions which you can use while chatting without installing any kind of plugin for emotions/smiley.


:-) :) :] =)
 :-( :( :[ =(
 :-P :P :-p :p =P
 :-D :D =D
 :-O :O :-o :o
 ;-) ;)
 8-) 8) B-) B)
 8-| 8| B-| B|
 >:( >:-(
 :/ :-/ :\ :-\
 3:) 3:-)
 O:) O:-)
 :-* :*
 o.O O.o
 >:O >:-O >:o >:-o

Automated Profit Package Scam

I am writing about this scam because I saw many internet users are getting trapped in this scam everyday.

About the scam:

A Product called Automated Profit Package by ClickBank(United Kingdom) is running for more than 300day.

About the product:

I don’t have much details about the product as they do not provide any details what this product is about or how it works which makes it more doubtful but this package is 10$ and they say that this package will earn you thousands of dollars per month. But can any one will believe that 10$ will earn thousands of dollars?

When you first go to there website they will ask your name,email and phone number so that they can contact you then they will try to sell you a package costing nearly 10$.

Does this scam product will take your 10$ only?

Well first of all they don’t have any refund policy and when you still try to buy that package using your credit card then that website doesnot show any sign of secure deals. They also keep your credit card details and they can or might do any thing with that information.

Few people who got trapped also say that they charge some 45-50$ for Website templates.

Reasons why everyday many people are getting trapped in this scam:

Currently many websites are flooded with following ads for there products:

Examples of those ads

Google pays me 173$ an hour.
Mom makes 77$ an hour online.

These ads are shown even on big reputed websites/forums/blogs which is the main reason people are getting trapped in this scam, as people believe such reputed websites won’t show scam site ads.

I don’t know why such reputed sites allow such scam ads to be shown on there websites. Either they are getting paid too huge for showing such ads or if they are using some third party advertising software which automatically approves ads.

Also few of there ads claims that its been shown on CNN,BBC,USA TODAY,abc,MSNBC and ask you to click those links to view those news videos but when you click those links they will directly take you to there product site.

They have created Real news channel’s fake images

Even on few fake websites(created by same scam team) there you can always see many fake comments claiming that this product really works and even show screenshots & images.

Is this Package Scam or Legit?

Of course its a Pure Scam no doubt in it.

And even after so many complaints by the people who got trapped in this scam this Package is still running from more than 300 days and no action is yet take against them.

Alexa traffic rank trick for subdomains

When you try to check Alexa ranking for your subdomain it will always show your root domain rank instead of your subdomain.


If I want to check my site on Alexa, it will directly show me stats of instead of

And many people say that subdomain visits are not counted on Alexa.

But I have tested this with my other blogs with its subdomains and it works.

So it might be some bug or something else but Subdomain visitors will increase your root domain rank.

So you can say subdomains increase your Alexa rank.

And of course subdomains will only increase your alexa rank when they themselves have good traffic

Adsense policy for India and China

Many website owners and bloggers who are living in India and China are getting approved before six months for adsense program because of rising click fraud percentage from this two and few other countries. Google does not allow click fraud as witten in there tos and they take strict action against click fraud. Due to increasing amount of this cases from India and China Google keeps new publishers from this countries to wait for a period of 6 months before applying for google adsense and there blog/website must be running during this period and also they must have all original contents. The publisher’s site must follow Google’s TOS and Content Policies.

The main cause of this problem is many people do not give time to read Googles TOS and Content policy because of which they ask there friends and relatives to click the ads served by adsense on there Website because of which they just get there account banned due to Click fraud.

There are few community of such fraud people who ask there members to click there ads and in return they will click your ads which is again a kind of click fraud.

Even many people are promoting such click fraud ads on the classified section of newspaper in India. eg: Sit at home and earn 1000s of dollars. And when you contact such people they will ask you to click there adsense ads.

Only because of the above reasons and some fraud people, other people in India and China are not getting approved soon.

If you want google adsense to be approved after 6 months then till that time work on contents get traffic and once you get approved then you can start adding ads on your site. Actually its good to wait for 6 months before applying for adsense because during this period you can get lot of traffic.