Journalism in reel life

That profession who takes care of delivering the hot news of the day to your door steps?

From newspaper, magazines to radio and tablet, news are raw pieces of information we do need at the end of the day. Then there are Journalists, the Reporters, Editors and Investigators who work to collaborate the news together. We can never know what they have to endure to fill up the news columns but we can know about a journalist’s insight to their professional and personal life through Movies!

Enlisted below are the top 8 griping and sensational journalism based movies –


Almost Famous


Young teenager’s life changing experience when travelling with a band and reporting the bands fame to the rolling stone magazine.




In search of a notorious serial killer, this film is an edge of a seat experience!


State of Play


Team of investigation journalists unraveling a murder story.



Welcoming battle of sexes when a famous anchorman is all set to be replaced!


Shattered Glass


Focusing on the rising and falling career of a journalists and his so-called fabricated stories.


Kill the Messenger

kill the mess

Story of a journalist bringing out a drug scandal story to the front page.




Story of a team of journalists reporting a cringing news of child molesters.


The Soloist


The story of a journalist befriending a homeless, mentally ill street musician.


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Author: Radhika Nair

An aspiring Journalist ! Addicted to movies, anime, sketching and reading. Writing pieces on just about everything that circles my thoughts!

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