How to turn off Facebook’s auto play video feature?

Recently Facebook have included a new auto play video feature which might a be problem to many users as not all countries have good internet speed or the data charges might be very high. This auto video play feature causes many people to load Facebook slower or burns their pocket with high data usage charge. So if you want to disable this feature then just simply follow the following steps.


To disable this feature on your browser:

Open and log into your id.

Go to Settings> Videos > Auto-Play Videos > Off


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


To disable this feature in your Android device:

Open Facebook App and log into your id.

Click on Top right Tab 4

In the same tab, scroll down to Help & Settings.

Open App Settings> Videos Play automatically > Off

Note: Here you can also set to WiFi only too.


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3


To disable this feature in iOS device:

Open Facebook App and log into your id.

Click on the Tab 4

Scroll down and open Settings > Video > Auto play > Select your desired option


Step 1


Step 2
Step 3


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