How to add a signature in your Gmail account

Many times it is time consuming to type thank you and other messages at the end of an email. If you are regularly writing similar messages at the end of your email then the best way is to add an email signature at the end of your composed email. Not only just text but also you can add your website links or company logo etc.

Example of Email signature



So just go through the following steps to create an email signature.


Step 1 

Open your Gmail account and go to settings.



Step 2

Click on the General tab inside the setting menu.


Step 3

Inside the General tab scroll down to Signature option and insert your desired text.


Step 4

To insert links inside the signature just click on the link option


Type your desired web address and click OK.


Step 5

To insert any image or your company logo just click on insert image option


Paste the link of your desired image or if are using Google drive then you can upload the image directly and click select button.


Example of image


Step 6

Once you are done then just save the changes.

There are many other options such as font size, type, color, alignment, etc. which you can use to enhance your signature.

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