Installing new fonts in Windows 7,Vista,XP

To Install new fonts in Windows 7 and Vista :

  • Select the font files (i.e .ttf,  .fon, .otf ) then Right-click > Install
  • Another way is to Copy-Paste or Drag & drop font files in C:\Windows\Fonts 
  •  OR Start Menu > Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Fonts

To Install new fonts in Windows XP :
  •  Copy-Paste or Drag & drop font files in C:\Windows\Fonts 
  • OR Start Menu > Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Fonts (Category View)
  • Start Menu > Control Panel > Fonts  (Classic View)

Hide files and video in rar format inside any image

We can hide files,music,video anything compressed in rar format inside any image (of any format).

To Hide a file inside image follow steps below:

Step 1:

  • First install winRAR on your PC.


Step 2: 

  • Then create a folder in C drive and name it anything you want.
  • For this tutorial I named my folder as xyzblogger.

Note: You can add files from any location but for reducing the complexity of work I suggest to create folder in C drive. (Creating folder is also optional)

Step 3: 

  • Now move all those files which you want to hide inside this folder.
  • These file be of any format from text to images or anything and also move that image in which you want to copy(this image can be in any format like jpg,png,etc).
  • I have moved in this folder .docx, .ttf (font format) , .txt files which I want to hide and a .jpg image.


Step 4:

  • Now select those files which you want to hide and right click and select “Add to archive” or directly compress it to rar file.

  • And name it anything you want. I have named it as xyzblogger.rar

Step 5:

  • Now Go to Start>Run>cmd
  • Type cd \ to come to root directory.
  • And then cd foldername to come inside the folder.
  • Type copy /b Image.format + Compressed.rar Newimage.format

EG: I have used copy /b sid.jpg + xyzblogger.rar xyzblogger.jpg

For new image you can give any new name but the image format should be same of the copied image.

  • Now the rar file is copied inside the new image


  • Now you can delete all the remaining files except the new image in which you have hidden those files.

Step 6:

  • And to get those hidden files back, open the new image with winRAR and extract them.

Mobile applications for Indians

Two awesome mobile applications for Indians.

1) m-Indicator-This apps is made for people living in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.



  • Local train schedule
  • BEST bus route information
  • Auto Rickshaw and Taxi fares
  • Sunday Railways mega block information
  • Current Movie shows
  • Sodexo Outlet Locator
  • Indian Railways PNR status finder by IRCTC
  • Maps to spot the station
Its free and Internet connection is not required. Can be used on all java supported phones(JAR and JAD files).

2) A-Rix Meter– Fares of autos and taxis of 15 cities in India, Meru cab fares in 4 cities and a custom fare chart option for other cities.


  • Location information via GPS
  • Hired status indicator at rear side for easy identification
  • Fare counter
  • Backlite LCD to ensure readability at night
  • Accurate distance measurement
  • Clock
  • Night Time extra charges gets automatically updated
  • Circular marquee to indicate one currency unit cycle


It is supported by Android Phones and iPhone.

Shortcuts of Internet Explorer 9


Alt Menu bar.

Alt + X Tools menu.

Alt + Home Default home page.

Alt + Right Moves forward through current browsing history.

Alt + Left Moves back through current browsing history.

Ctrl + J Internet Explorer Download Manager.

Ctrl + L Address bar with the current URL selected.

Ctrl + Shift + L Navigates to Web address saved in your clipboard.

Ctrl + S   Save the current page for offline viewing.

Ctrl + D Add to Favorites.

Ctrl + T New browser tab.

Ctrl+ W Closes current browser tab.

Ctrl + N Opens a new  window.

Ctrl + + Zoom in.

Ctrl + – Zoom out.

Ctrl + Tab Moves through browser tabs (left to right).

Ctrl + Shift + Tab Moves through browser tabs (right to left).

Ctrl + Shift + P Opens a new browser window with InPrivate browsing turned

F12 Developer Tools.

F11 Full Screen mode on/off.

F5 Refresh the current page.

Facebook Shortcut keys for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari

Facebook shortcut keys for Google Chrome, Opera,Apple Safari,Internet Explorer


Note: Some of the shortcuts may/may not work with Internet Explorer


Alt+1:  News Feed
Alt+2:  Profile page
Alt+3: Friend requests
Alt+4: Messages
Alt+5: Notifications
Alt+6: Account Settings
Alt+7: Privacy Settings
Alt+8: Facebook’s Page
Alt+9: Terms & Condition
Alt+?:  Search

Alt+m: Compose a new message

Shorcuts For Mozilla Firefox

Shift+Alt+1:  News Feed
Shift+Alt+2:  Profile page
Shift+Alt+3: Friend requests
Shift+Alt+4: Messages
Shift+Alt+5: Notifications
Shift+Alt+6: Account Settings
Shift+Alt+7: Privacy Settings
Shift+Alt+8: Facebook’s Page
Shift+Alt+9: Terms & Condition
Shift+Alt+?:  Search

Alt+m: Compose a new message