Top 10 Richest People in India

#10 Sunil Mittal  $7.8 B

Sunil Mittal

Sunil Bharti Mittal is an Indian entrepreneur, philanthropist and the Founder, Chairman and Group CEO of Bharti Enterprises.


#9 Kumar Birla $9.2 B

Kumar Birla

Kumar Mangalam Birla is an Indian industrialist and also the Chairman of the Aditya Birla Group.


#8 Godrej Family $11.6 B

Adi Godrej

The Godrej family, is an Indian Parsi family that manages and largely owns the Godrej Group.


#7 Shiv Nadar $12.5 B

Shiv Nadar

He is the founder and chairman of HCL and the Shiv Nadar Foundation.


#6 Hinduja Brothers $13.3 B

Hinduja Brothers

The Hinduja Group is a global conglomerate company and has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.


#5 Lakshmi Mittal $15.8 B

Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Niwas Mittal is the Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel making company.


#4 Pallonji Mistry $15.9 B

Pallonji Mistry

Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry is the Chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji Group and an Irish Indian Construction tycoon.


#3 Azim Premji $16.4 B

Azim Premji

Azim Hashim Premji is an Indian business tycoon, philanthropist anf also the Chairman of Wipro Limited.


#2 Dilip Shanghvi $18 B

Dilip Shanghvi

He is the Founder and Managing Director of Sun Pharmaceuticals.


#1 Mukesh Ambani $23.6 B

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is the Chairman, Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)


Top 10 World’s Most Powerful People

#10 David Cameron


He is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


#9 Larry Page & Sergey Brin


These two are the co-founder of Google Inc.


#8 Mario Draghi

The European Central Bank's new chief Ma

He is an Italian banker, economist and was the President of the European Central Bank.


#7 Bill Gates

Bill Gates

He is an American business magnate, philanthropist, investor, computer programmer, inventor and co-founder of Microsoft.


#5 Angela Merkel

Merkel, EP

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician and a former research scientist who has been the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Chancellor of Germany.


#4 Pope Francis

Pope Francis Attends His Weekly Audience - June 5, 2013

Bishop of Rome, Roman Catholic Church.


#3 Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

He is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the President of the People’s Republic of China, and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission.


#2 Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II is the current President of the United States.


#1 Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the President of Russia.


Some of the Google tricks & features you may or may not know.

Tilt or Askew

Go to and type “tilt” or “askew” in the Google search then results will appear slightly to be tilt.




Go to and type calculator where you can see an online calculator in the search results which can be used for doing basic math function or logarithmic calculations as well as Sin and Cos functions.





You can use Google’s online conversion tool by just typing units which you want to convert. For example converting  “1 USD to INR”. The syntax used here is <amount> <unit type> to/in <unit type>. You can also use the same for many different units too like or “C to F”, “cm to ft”, etc.Conversations2


Do a Barrel roll

Type “do a barrel roll” in the search bar and Google will perform a Barrel a barell roll



On site you can find all the temporary Logo’s that Google have used so far.


Search for a specific type of file

You can search for only a Word file or a PDF file by typing “filetype:doc” or “filetype:pdf” followed by the pdf or doc you want to search. For example “filetype:doc French”.

file type


flight simulationFlight Simulation

You can go on a world tour by entering into a Flight simulation mode on Google Earth. Just download Google Earth then go to Tools > Enter Flight Simulator.


Flight search

You can search in the Google search for flights flying from one place to another. For example “flight Mumbai to Delhi”.flights


God on earth

When you go to Google maps and search for 47.110579, 9.227568 and switch to Street View, you will see some weird image in the sky.

God on earth



If you Google MentalPlex and visit this site then you will find something like shown in the below picture.

Google mentalplex


Pac manPac man

On the 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN, Google changed its logo to Pac-man where a user can play on the Google’s home page. You can still play it on


Public data

You can read the public data like population of a particular country or unemployment rate etc. on the Google search result page. Just type <query> followed by <country>. For example, ”Population of India”.public data


Related search

You can search for web pages with similar content of a given site by using “related:” keyword followed by the website url in the Google search. For example, “”



Site search

To search results from a particular site you can use the keyword “site:” followed by the address of the website and your search query. For example, “ facebook” this will give you posts related to Facebook from only .

Site search



A easy way to translate a word to another language is by typing “translate <word> to <language>”. Example, ” mademoiselle to English”.


Weather Forecasting

To know about the weather details of a particular city jus type <forecast> <name of city> and you will get all the weather details of that city. For example, “forecast Mumbai”.

Weather forcasting


Zerg Rush

When you type “Zerg Rush” in the Google search box, you will find many “O” appearing on your screen and destroying the search results and at the end all those letters will form two letters ”GG” which means Good Game in gaming slang.

 Zerg rush

Zerg rush2

definationsSearch for Definitions

You can search for definitions directly by typing define followed by your <query>. For example, “Define computer”.


Exclude search

You can exclude results from your search by using ‘-‘ sign. For example, “apple –iPhone” will show results excluding iPhones in it.

Reasons for slow loading of WordPress

From past few weeks my all sites which are based on WordPress platform were loading too slowly. I thought it was my host problem so I contacted them but they replied that the problem is related with the WordPress application installed on the host. So I started finding out solutions for my problem.

First I deactivated all my active plugins and started activating one by one and at the same time I was loading the website again and again after each plugin was activated. I discovered that one of my old plugin was the root cause of this problem so I deactivated it and the same plugin was installed on my other three websites so I deactivated it from there too however one of these website was still loading slow and I had to check it also manually by deactivating and reactivating each plugin one by one and found that one more plugin was causing problem.

So if you all are also facing the same problem then try to:

1)      Deactivate all active plugins and then reactivate each of those one by one and keep reloading your website after each plugin gets reactivated this will help you to find out the faulty plugin.

2)      If that doesn’t work then switch to Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven theme to find out any theme specific problem.

3)      Resetting the plugin folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin because sometimes even inactive plugins can cause problems.

4)      Optimize your homepage to load quickly by showing only excerpts instead of full posts and reduces the number of posts on the page.

5)      If your website has lot of images then it might take time to load them so use some good plugins to optimize your images.

6)      The problem might be from host too, so select a good host.

Hope this helps to find out the problem and fix it. I will write one more article soon for increasing the performance of sites based on WordPress CMS.


How to change your default search engine in Mozilla Firefox


How to change default search engine of address bar?

Type ” about:config ” in the address bar and press ENTER.

A warning message will appear, accept and proceed.

Type ” keyword.URL ” in the  search filter box.

Double click this entry so that you can do changes in it.

You can modify by adding values of your favorite search engine.

Here are some of the values of different search engine:






How to change the default search engine of search bar:

Click the drop down arrow in the search bar and select your default search engine for search bar.

Alternate method

Type about:config in address bar.

Type in the search filter.

Double click on that entry to make changes in it.

Type the exact and correct name of the search engine which you want to set and the search engine you have entered must be already installed.