WhatsApp’s new privacy setting option.

1920356_560132240760544_2039082291_nAs I said in the earlier post that WhatsApp has made some changes in its privacy settings.

Now with its latest 2.11.175 version they have given some privacy setting options like to show your status, profile picture, last seen to everyone, my contacts (your personal saved contact numbers) or nobody.

You can edit the settings by going to Settings > Account > Privacy.





The last seen option have saved many boys from their girlfriends who keep asking them why they didn’t reply as they could see their last seen (Joke 😛 ).

At least it has helped me to ignore few annoying people as they couldn’t see now if I have seen their text or not 😉 .

But there is a disadvantage with this feature if you select nobody could see your last seen, and then you also cannot see anyone’s last seen.


But the profile picture option has really helped most of the girls from the stalkers who use to stalk on their profile picture without their knowledge.


WhatsApp updated its privacy.

whatsapp logoWhatsApp have recently updated its security for profile pictures of the users. As many people use to save numbers of girls just to look into their profile pictures and stalk on them without their knowledge.

So from now stalkers stop stalking around as you cannot see anyone’s profile picture until the person have also saved your number.

So if you  don’t want any particular person to see your profile picture then just delete that number from your contact list after which he/she cannot see your picture but he/she can see your last seen or status and even can still chat with you unless you have blocked that person.

whatsapp ss2

This even works in group, if you are added into some group and you didn’t save the numbers of other group members then they won’t able to see your profile picture.

whatsapp ss

With this feature you can also find out if a person has saved your number or not.