Apple’s iOS 7 copied some features from Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Apple announced iOS 7 at WWDC recently and many professional designers were not happy with the new iPhone software, some of them even tweeted that it is just “ugly” or “crap”.

iOS 7 have copied many features from many different platforms but in this article I will only discuss about what they have copied from Android.


Safari browser’s tabs are now scrollable, full screen browsing can be done, gesture-based navigation, just like Google’s Chrome in Android and iOS.



 (Apple’s Safari)


(Google’s Chrome)


AirDrop is the new feature in iOS 7 which allows you to do sharing of files among multiple friends. This is actually similar to S-Beam and Wi-Fi Direct.




Lock Screen:

The new iOS 7 lock screen looks similar to Android’s lock screen. It has a large digital clock, the date and “slide to unlock” is moved at the bottom.

Handling notification on the lock screen was an Android feature and now can be found in iOS 7 too.

iOS-7-Lock-Screen-576x1024(iOS 7 Lock Screen)


(Android Lock Screen)


Multitasking on iOS 7 shows a preview of each running application just like of an Android. On Android multitasking pane scrolls vertically and in iOS 7 it scrolls horizontally and on both apps can be killed with a swipe.



Control and Notification Center:

iOS 7 allows to access the settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, control your Music, Airplane mode, flashlight, Brightness quickly with the help of a control panel which is an Android feature.



iCloud Keychain:

It will automatically fill up the account name and passwords and keep them secured similar to LastPass for Android.


Automatic Updates:

Just like in Android, automatic updates will be available in iOS 7 too.

Face Time Audio

Just like Skype, this feature allows you to make phone calls over Wi-Fi.