How to add a signature in your Gmail account

Many times it is time consuming to type thank you and other messages at the end of an email. If you are regularly writing similar messages at the end of your email then the best way is to add an email signature at the end of your composed email. Not only just text but also you can add your website links or company logo etc. Continue reading “How to add a signature in your Gmail account”

Some of the Google tricks & features you may or may not know.

Tilt or Askew

Go to and type “tilt” or “askew” in the Google search then results will appear slightly to be tilt.




Go to and type calculator where you can see an online calculator in the search results which can be used for doing basic math function or logarithmic calculations as well as Sin and Cos functions.





You can use Google’s online conversion tool by just typing units which you want to convert. For example converting  “1 USD to INR”. The syntax used here is <amount> <unit type> to/in <unit type>. You can also use the same for many different units too like or “C to F”, “cm to ft”, etc.Conversations2


Do a Barrel roll

Type “do a barrel roll” in the search bar and Google will perform a Barrel a barell roll



On site you can find all the temporary Logo’s that Google have used so far.


Search for a specific type of file

You can search for only a Word file or a PDF file by typing “filetype:doc” or “filetype:pdf” followed by the pdf or doc you want to search. For example “filetype:doc French”.

file type


flight simulationFlight Simulation

You can go on a world tour by entering into a Flight simulation mode on Google Earth. Just download Google Earth then go to Tools > Enter Flight Simulator.


Flight search

You can search in the Google search for flights flying from one place to another. For example “flight Mumbai to Delhi”.flights


God on earth

When you go to Google maps and search for 47.110579, 9.227568 and switch to Street View, you will see some weird image in the sky.

God on earth



If you Google MentalPlex and visit this site then you will find something like shown in the below picture.

Google mentalplex


Pac manPac man

On the 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN, Google changed its logo to Pac-man where a user can play on the Google’s home page. You can still play it on


Public data

You can read the public data like population of a particular country or unemployment rate etc. on the Google search result page. Just type <query> followed by <country>. For example, ”Population of India”.public data


Related search

You can search for web pages with similar content of a given site by using “related:” keyword followed by the website url in the Google search. For example, “”



Site search

To search results from a particular site you can use the keyword “site:” followed by the address of the website and your search query. For example, “ facebook” this will give you posts related to Facebook from only .

Site search



A easy way to translate a word to another language is by typing “translate <word> to <language>”. Example, ” mademoiselle to English”.


Weather Forecasting

To know about the weather details of a particular city jus type <forecast> <name of city> and you will get all the weather details of that city. For example, “forecast Mumbai”.

Weather forcasting


Zerg Rush

When you type “Zerg Rush” in the Google search box, you will find many “O” appearing on your screen and destroying the search results and at the end all those letters will form two letters ”GG” which means Good Game in gaming slang.

 Zerg rush

Zerg rush2

definationsSearch for Definitions

You can search for definitions directly by typing define followed by your <query>. For example, “Define computer”.


Exclude search

You can exclude results from your search by using ‘-‘ sign. For example, “apple –iPhone” will show results excluding iPhones in it.