Fix most of the problems by resetting Firefox

When things go beyond your control or become too buggy to fix your Mozilla Firefox browser then the best solution would be resetting it to the default factory state. This feature will help to fix many issues and also will keep a backup of your old data.

Your old profile of Firefox will be saved on your desktop in a folder named “OLD Firefox Data”.

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Resetting your Firefox will create a new profile folder with your all old important data.



How to reset Mozilla Firefox Browser?


Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Click on Firefox > then Help> select Troubleshooting Information

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This will open about:support page.


Or you can just go to the address bar and type ” about:support ” and hit enter.

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Now one the top right of the page you can see on option Reset Firefox, click on that to reset your Firefox browser.

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The following dialogue box will appear, click on Reset Firefox to continue.

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Your bookmarks, passwords, cookies, browsing history, auto-fill web form information, personal dictionary, open windows, tabs groups and tabs will be saved.

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While your download history, search engines, website-specific preferences, user styles, themes, security settings, download actions, social networking features, extensions and plugin settings, customized toolbar will be removed.

After resetting your Firefox browser the following dialogue will appear if you want to restore any of the previous windows or tabs which was kept open or you can start from a clean state.

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I hope this will help to solve any bug or problem you might be facing related to Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to change your default search engine in Mozilla Firefox


How to change default search engine of address bar?

Type ” about:config ” in the address bar and press ENTER.

A warning message will appear, accept and proceed.

Type ” keyword.URL ” in the  search filter box.

Double click this entry so that you can do changes in it.

You can modify by adding values of your favorite search engine.

Here are some of the values of different search engine:






How to change the default search engine of search bar:

Click the drop down arrow in the search bar and select your default search engine for search bar.

Alternate method

Type about:config in address bar.

Type in the search filter.

Double click on that entry to make changes in it.

Type the exact and correct name of the search engine which you want to set and the search engine you have entered must be already installed.