Publishing new posts daily good or bad idea?

Many new bloggers have the habit of writing & publishing new post every day and sometimes multiple times on the same day.

This might affect your blog in a bad way as follows:

  • The pressure of writing every day might sometime be just re-post content of other blogger.
  • The quality of the post would have poor quality contents.
  • You may not be able to handle & reply properly to all comments.
  • Readers might unsubscribe from your blog because of posting too much, especially those who are subscribed to Rss feeds of your blog.
  • Number of loyal readers would be low.
  • Most of the topics you write just to publish something may not be important.
  • You won’t give the required time to your family,friends,school,college,job etc.

Things you can do instead of posting every day:

  • Write more quality content by spending more time on the post.
  • Spend at least one hour every day on promoting your blog using Facebook, Twitter, Writing Guest posts, Participating in forums of your niche, commenting on other blog etc. But make sure you don’t spam.
  • Reply all comments.
  • Make sure you are reaching your target audience and it does not matters how many of people read your posts, this will help you to build a long term relationship with the audience.
  • Give time to yourself and your friends & family.

When you can publish post daily?

  • If you are having guest writers who can write quality posts.
  • If you can write short but quality post.
  • If you are having staff members who can write for your blog.

Importance of About Page

The About Page is important as every visitor and loyal reader want to know that who is human behind the blog or website which they are reading. Now-a-days website authors and bloggers do not give importance to About Page but it is the only most viewed page by many regular readers.

About Page is also helps while signing up for adsense. Many people say that About Page increase your chance of getting approved for adsense but I got approved for adsense without any about page.

An about page is used for giving information about your website or blog i.e what is it about,how it is built,who is the founder/owner,how many people are writing topics for this blog/website,author’s bio etc.

But it is a personal choice whether you want your readers to know more about you and your website or you just want to keep them hidden.