How to choose an antivirus?

A virus removal tool will keep your computer protected from the attacks of different viruses. Here are some tips for finding and choosing an antivirus:

Decide a budget:

While buying any anti-virus first decide your budget, for example: you want to buy it for 40$ or less. Then search for such anti-virus which comes in that range. There are many good anti-virus software which fits in that budget easily.

Always read the reviews and ratings:

If you are interested in buying any anti-virus software the first make sure to check all the reviews and the rating of the product on the Internet as well as on different computer magazines. Also read the pros and cons of the product. This will help you to decide whether you want to buy it out or not.

Go for the trial versions of the anti-virus:

This is the best way to check whether the anti-virus is good enough to protect your computer or not. If it suits you then you can go for full version or else try another anti-virus.

Go for a free virus removal tool:

Many anti-virus sellers offer free virus removal tools. These are not substitute for antivirus but a good alternative.

Look for Free Updates in your Virus Removal Tool:

When you search for virus removal tools, see that the program you are looking at has the facility of free updates, so that when new viruses are created your computer will be protected.

Whichever anti-virus you select make sure that you run full system scan on regular basis and keep the anti-virus up to date.

How to format a USB Flash drive from FAT / FAT32 to NTFS

Sometimes we cannot see File system NTFS(New Technology File System) option while formatting a USB flash drive and only FAT (File Allocation Table) and/or FAT32(File Allocation Table 32 bit version) options can be seen, so here is the guide on how to format a USB flash drive from FAT32 to NTFS.


Go to My Computer> Right click and select Properties

Select Hardwarer>Device Manager

Select Disk Drive and on your USB Flash Drive right click and select properties

Select Policies

In that select Optimize for performance and click ok

Now go back to My Computer and right Click on your USB drive & select format option. Now you can see NTFS option, select it and format.

And you are done xD

How to prevent from writing on USB disk or disable the USB port in windows

To prevent from writing on USB do the following steps:

Go to Start Menu>Run>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control

In that create a new key name it as StorageDevicePolicies(folder).

Then Select StorageDevicePolicies and create a new DWORD Value name it as WriteProtect.

Double click on WriteProtect, and set its value data to 1

Disable the USB port in windows

Go to Start Menu>Run>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsbStor

Open Start(REG_DWORD File) change the value to 4.

And later to enable USB devices you can change it 3.