Action movies of all time

Every cinema lover will enjoy action movies because these are the movies which can bring some enthusiasm in you if you are feeling bored. Action movies are those kinds of films which you can watch without getting tired of it. If you’re the fan action films, then you should give your full attention towards this post because I have brought a list of best action movies of all time.

There are many action movies which released in the past several years, and no one has that much of time and energy to watch every action film. However here’s the list of Best action movies which you should not miss.

Die Hard

If you like to watch some classic action scenes, then you must not miss this epic action movie. Even after so many years of its release this film still manages to be on the list of best movies of all time. Die Hard is the story of Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) who has to save his wife and other peoples who are taken as hostages by the German terrorists. Die hard is entirely action packed film which has amazing story and brilliant performance given by the Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

A cyborg, who failed to kill the Sarah Connor, now must save the child of her from another powerful and dangerous Cyborg. Sci-fi films can rarely be made in such way that can be looked at as part of the art, and this movie is one of those few exceptions. Terminator 2 has brilliant visuals, background score, and top notch performance by all actors. Terminator 2 is that kind of sequel which surpassed the original film, and one should not miss this epic sci-fi action film.

Casino Royale

Agent James Bond goes on a secret mission, and in this mission, he has to defeat a weapons dealer in a high stakes game of poker at Casino Royale. The performance of Daniel Craig in this film is brilliant and flawless. If you have seen the previous James Bond films, then you can enjoy this movie more than any other action films. Daniel Craig, Eva Green and Mad Mikkelsen have given a top notch performance in this epic action thriller film, and one should not miss it.

The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum is the story of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), who tracks down the masterminds behind the CIA’s black operation that turned him into a serial killer. This movie is the third and last part of the Bourne series, and you can enjoy this film even if you haven’t seen any of the previous Bourne films. The stunts of the movie are so classy especially those cars chasing scenes that you will fall in love with action scenes of this movie. Matt Damon nailed the role of Jason Bourne, and other supporting casts also acted very well in this super awesome action film.

Gladiator (2000)

When the Roman General gets betrayed by an emperor’s son, he comes to the Rome as a Gladiator to take revenge. “Gladiator” without any doubt is the classic film because it is a combination of whole direction, music, cinematography and acting. There are some movies which are overhyped, but Gladiator is not one of them because it deserves every award it has received. If you haven’t watched this movie, then you should give your some amount of time to this standard action packed film.

The Raid: Redemption

When a group well-armed police enter the 15-floor building, their only objective is to find the drug lord who resides on the 15th floor. However, things don’t go for them as planned and every cop gets killed by the army of a drug lord. Action scenes performed in this film are so perfect that one may think that two men are fighting in real. The raid is must watch the movie for those who love to watch nonstop battle scenes.

The Matrix

The Matrix tells us the story about humanity’s war against its creation i.e. machines. The matrix is not only an action-packed sci-fi movie but also a film which has a deep message. The Wachowski brothers made this film in a way that after watching it, we will question our existence. Effect wise the film is stunning and flawless. I recommend this movie to all those Sci-Fi and philosophical movie lovers.

The Dark Knight

The list of all-time hit action movies will be incomplete if we don’t consider this film. The dark knight is so beautiful that it has redefined the genre of superhero based movies. There are many superhero movies which have good visuals, but they lack good script and direction, but the dark knight is not one of them. The performance given by all the actors is fabulous especially Heath Ledger (Joker) and Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce Wayne).


It is a story of 300 Spartans who fought for the glory against the Persian king Xerxes and his well-armed army. 300 is not a critically acclaimed film, but most of the audience loved this movie for its visually stunning action scenes and epic direction of Zack Snyder. If you like to watch the films which have simple story but the beautiful screenplay and unexpected direction then this one is for you.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is a post-apocalyptic film, in which two rebels’ fight against a cruel ruler and these rebels are the only hope for some peoples. It is a movie which is madly but smartly written and directed by the George Miller. Mad Max: Fury Road has back to back top notch action scenes with astonishing background score.

Final Words:-

There are many action movies which are not included in our list, and it is not possible to add every action movie because only a few of them deserve to be on the list of super hit action films. Please let us know what do you think about this list of best action movies of all time and we urge you to comment your suggestion and the movie which you want to add on this list.

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